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Do you know any high school age students that have not been successful in the traditional school model? Westwood Cyber High School offers an innovative approach to education; we offer a fully online environment with access to one-on-one assistance from state certified teachers, free of cost. This state-funded program seeks to assist the individual needs of any student: be it the teenage mother; the student with continual health issues; those that have faced severe bullying; the student that wants to graduate early; or any adolescent seeking a supportive, engaging, and successful educational experience that will meet them wherever they currently are in their academic progress.

Our goal is not to judge where students have been, but rather to help them to get where they want to be. We offer students the opportunity to complete their work at their own pace, with no hard deadlines, due dates, or punishments. Our computer lab offers students the flexibility to get face-to-face help from our staff of Michigan state certified teachers who work one-on-one with students. We offer a variety of options to best meet the individual needs of any student. Whether a student has just begun high school, they’re seeking to graduate on a fast-track plan, or they simply just need to finish up the last few credit requirements, our program is geared to suit his or her individual needs.

Through our program, students have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma by completing Michigan’s core graduation requirement of 18 credits, fully online, compared to many other high schools, which require 22+ credits for graduation. Students at WCHS are only required to complete core content courses required by the State of Michigan, eliminating the need for earning credit in non-essential classes.

WCHS offers students the option to work during the traditional school year and during a bonus summer semester. Students can choose a fast-track option, which will allow them to take as many courses as needed in order to earn the desired amount of credit at any pace, or they may choose the general course progression, where they take 3 full credit courses a semester—earning 6 credits a year. In our program, students have the option to finish their courses at their own pace and on a schedule that works for them.

All of the courses at WCHS are developed and taught by highly qualified Michigan certified teachers. We do not offer canned curriculum that is graded by a computer — our courses were developed by teachers and our students interact with teachers. Our curriculum is directly aligned with the most current Michigan Merit curriculum standards and the Common Core State Standards for English and Math, along with CCSS Literacy standards for History and Social Studies. Our school’s curriculum has been developed with the students’ needs in mind, with real-world applicable projects that will help to build both college and career readiness.

Please feel free to discuss your student’s individual academic needs and goals with any of our qualified staff. Call1(313) 565-0288 to enroll today! Read more about us on this website or visit our Course Description Catalog. We encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that WCHS provides for every type of student!


Heather Murphy

Westwood Cyber High School Interim Director


Click here for our enrollment packet:  Westwood Cyber High School Enrollment Packet